This Election No One Talk About Issues

Election Issues

Even if the public is being harassed by the demand for unemployment, demonetization, and GST, but political parties are completely neutral with these issues.

Earlier, BJP National President Amit Shah, while analyzing ‘Kasab‘, told his name to Congress-Samajwadi Party and BSP. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the Samajwadi Party, the National Lok Dal and the BSP as ‘liquor‘. Issues such as development, black money, unemployment, election reform, GST, note-taking, black money, and crime are being excluded from discussion by the same issues with such issues. When the Bharatiya Janata Party declared Narendra Modi as the prime ministerial candidate in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi, bypassing the politics of religion, emphasized the politics of development.

The people of the country, troubled by the 10 years of misrule by the UPA-led UPA Government, felt that the people of Narendra Modi would go away from the politics of the BJP and develop politics in the country. After becoming the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi also took up the task of promoting cleanliness drive, rural housing and major schemes like women’s domestic gas. After this, he started implementing plans like Aadhaar card, GST and demonetization. The impact of the failure of these schemes lay on Narendra Modi’s thinking and he returned to the path of Nationalism, Terrorism, Pakistan and Ram Mandir in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Narendra Modi’s political journey beginning with development came to a stand on religion and nationalism. Talks about development, black money, unemployment, election reform and crime in 2014 have become meaningless. In the 2019 election campaign, Narendra Modi wants to win the debate of Pakistan and nationalism. This is being used widely in the medium of publicity. In this campaign of publicity, the issues of the public have become distant. Bypassing the issues in the Lok Sabha elections, the accusations are being uprooted.

Election Issues

The issues that should be held in Lok Sabha elections are not seen anywhere in the campaign. The campaign for election has broken all boundaries. The budget for election campaign has increased so much that small regional parties have been completely backward in the campaigning. Even if the public is being harassed by the demand for unemployment, dearness, coffin, cultivation, cultivation, and GST, but political parties are completely neutral with this price tag. Though the Election Commission has made all efforts to reduce the election expenditure, the cost of the election is increasing steadily. The election campaign has sidelined public issues.

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The Election Commission has fixed a limit for spending money for the people of the Lok Sabha elections. Election Commission also takes details of the expenditure. Even after this, a lot of money is being spent on the elections. Seeing it, it seems that there is no impact of inflation in the election campaign. The rough estimate is that in these elections political parties are spending more than 20 thousand crores of rupees. Most money is being spent on liquor, printing, auto, advertising, and management level. Apart from this, it is also being spent on personal needs like clothes, shoes, canned foods, cosmetics, and workers.

The contestants also increased their spending on their own security. The leaders used to go to the trust only by the government security staff. Now they feel the need for more security. For which he is hiring a lot of security personnel from private security agencies. In these elections, a lot of cases have been exposed to direct payment to the voters. It seems clear that money is being widely distributed in the elections.

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