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Marathi actress Prarthana Behere

My Journey is very small but I have been very happy with all the work I have done in these 7 years because no one has accumulated any allegations regarding the films and the audience’s love is very much received.

Marathi actress Prarthana Behere, is getting her fame by the character of ‘Vaishali Dharmesh-Jaipurwala’, in Hindi TV serial ‘Pavitra Rishta‘, is originally from Gujarat. She has also worked in several Marathi TV shows in addition to Marathi films. Prarthana started her career as a TV reporter and she had never felt that she would become an actress. During the work of reporting, she met the actress, director, and producer Renuka Shahane and Renuka advised her to act. She auditioned for Hindi serial ‘Pavitra Rishta‘ and was selected as Ankita Lokhande’s younger sister. After this, there was no turning back for Prarthana and she had worked in several Marathi serials and films and included her name in the list of top Marathi actresses. During the work, she met producer-director Abhishek Jawkar and got married in a traditional way. Now the Marathi film ‘Ti and Ti‘ has been released, in which she has acted well. They talked to, presenting excerpts.

Prarthana Behere

What was the reason for doing this movie?

Pushkar Jog, the producer of this film, told me first that there is a good Rom-Com comedy story, directed by Mrinal Kulkarni. I had a desire to act with Mrinal Kulkarni for years and when I got this chance from the front, there was no scope to say no.

How much does this character match to you?

This character meets me a lot because I have just been married a few days ago. I have experience in my married life. What do the husband and wife do to go on honeymoon in this movie? She has been shown only. It was easy for me to understand that filing.

An acting career was a coincidence or did you want to act in advance?

It was a coincidence. I was a journalist on a news channel and was doing a good job. At the same time, Renuka Shahane gave me an opportunity to work as Assistant Director for my Marathi film ‘Rita‘. There she advised me to act by seeing my work. I tried several auditions and got the role of Ankita Lokhande, younger sister Vaishali, in Hindi serial ‘Pavitra Rishta‘. After this, I started working in Marathi films too and till now I have done 7 to 8 films.

Prarthana Behere

After becoming an actress from the journalist, what is the difference between the two?

When I was a journalist, I felt that the industry did not send all the things out by putting the masala. This is the truth. Now I understand that the industry is glamorizing the smallest news, whereas the real face is something else. Apart from this, I came to understand what I have to do and what not to do.

How do you take your journey?

My Journey is very small but I have been very happy with all the work I have done in these 7 years because no one has accumulated any allegations regarding the films and the audience’s love is very much received.

Your husband is also from the industry, what is the advantage, and what is common in both?

There are many benefits when coming from one area. Whenever I am confused I take their opinion. Creatively, we both have one’s thinking.

Was Your Wedding Arranged or Love Marriage? What did you see in Abhishek?

My marriage was arranged. I got married in a 10-day meeting. I had initially said that I have no time for dating.

Prarthana Behere with Her Husband

I met a lot of boys, but there was a different feeling when I met Abhishek. I liked all his things. It is true that there is a need for reconciliation in every relationship, only then relations are formed and that is what I do.

How much have you been helped by the family to reach here?

Parents and sisters have been very supportive before marriage. After marriage, husband and mother in law are also very happy with my work.

Is there a dream project?

I want my husband to write the story of a Hindi movie and make it, in which I have the opportunity to play a leading role.

Who is your ideal in the field of acting?

I love actress Shri Devi I miss them a lot, I see or listen to one of their films or songs.

What is your opinion about Me Too?

In my opinion, the clap always rings with two hands, but the fear seems to be that if this happens, it is necessary to first resort to the law to go to the bottom of the truth, otherwise, the life of such a person gets spoiled. It stops working.

What makes a lot of anger?

I get angry very little. Violence does not like me at all.

Want to do social work?

I want to work for street kids.

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