Mai Bhi Chowkidar

Mai Bhi Chowkidar, PM Modi Ne Slogan

Demonetization, GST and terrorism are no longer the issues of publicity in Lok Sabha elections. Now, Chowkidar has emerged as the new publicity campaign instead of Chaiwala. It is clear from the fact that what is the significance of Lok Sabha elections in the eyes of the country’s leaders? The party is making the issue of the Chowkidar at the point of making his 5-year work issue. No one can see the grief of the Chowkidar, who is getting 2500 rupees a month’s salary, but no leader in the race to become a Chowkidar on social media. No worker is ready to follow anyone.

In the last Lok Sabha election 2014, PM Narendra Modi called himself ‘Chaiwala‘. In the Lok Sabha elections of 2019, he started his campaign by calling himself ‘Mai Bhi Chowkidar‘. The Prime Minister added the Chowkidar word in his own tweet account. After this, BJP National President Amit Shah and other leaders started writing the Chowkidar themselves. There is no change in the life of ‘Chaiwala‘ or even ‘Watchmen‘ as an election issue.

Mai Bhi Chowkidar

There is no change in the life of any tea seller after the 2014 election. The shops selling tea shops along the roadside are prey to the municipal and local leaders. Their shops are often raised and thrown off. After this, it is allowed to shop again with more money. Even if Narendra Modi has reached power by making ‘Chaiwala‘ an electoral issue, there is no change in the life of tea seller.

In the Lok Sabha elections of 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called himself a Chowkidar. His ‘Mai Bhi Chowkidar‘ is bringing out the color. By avoiding many of the problems of the country, ‘Mai Bhi Chowkidar’ as a new slogan. The government is silent on the issue of demonetization, GST and terrorism. Now ‘Mai Bhi Chowkidar’ watchman. The condition of the janitors in the country is bad.

There are no figures of how many posts of the watchman in the country are vacant. From the eyes of Uttar Pradesh, there are about 70 thousand posts of village janitors. Only half of these posts are filled up. The rest are empty. There are 8 hundred villages in the capital Lucknow. Of these, only 4 hundred watchmen are working. Half of the posts are empty. It is the responsibility of the security of two villages on a watchman.

Who is the Chowkidar:

The watchman’s move was from the British era. The watchman used to do their work in the village beside agriculture. Their job was to inform the police about criminal incidents in the village. They used to work as defense and security. It was their responsibility to guard at night. In the time of the British, it also gave the information of freedom fight. In these ways, the British were considered an informant. After independence, the guards became part of the police informant system at the place of security of the village. After this, there was no change in his condition.

Until one year, the janitor was paid only 1500 rupees a month. This honorarium was increased to 2500 rupees. Even after this, it is much less than the minimum wage. It is not worth living in any way in the increased inflation. The watchman has been demanding for the last 20 years that they should be given wages and facilities like employees of class IV. Many times, despite repeated demonstrations, nobody accepted this demand.

Mai Bhi Chowkidar

The poor condition of the janitor can be estimated from the fact that they get Rs 2500 while the private guard gets a salary of 15 thousand rupees. According to the rules, the janitor should get a cemetery, rod, torch, shoes, and uniform. All this has remained only pretentious. Even after this, it is not easy to become a janitor.

The police make the watchman:

There is no need for any education for recruitment in the watchman. After this, more than half the posts are vacant. The application is in the DM office. But when there are applications for it, there is no fixed time. After this, the information of these names is given to police station. On being found correct, the SP is employed on the report of Police Superintendent. The Collector Office releases the list of checkers and gives notice of the appointment. It seems a straightforward way to appoint a janitor. Actually, this is a very difficult way. It does not know how to do when people do not know it. It is completely dependent on the police and the administration that makes a watchman to whom.

Talking about the ‘Chowkidar‘ now the mutual rhetoric in the leaders has increased. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi called himself a “Chowkidar“, then Congress leader Rahul Gandhi gave a slogan to ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai‘. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made this watchman an election slogan. It is being spread fast on social media. Political commentator Dinesh Lal says, ‘Mai Bhi Chowkidar’ slogan is completely connected to emotions. Like ‘Chaiwala‘, ‘Chowkidar‘ is also being made as election beneficiary. This led to the promotion of people especially on social media who are not connected with ground issues.


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