People Saw a New Side of My Acting: Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal is in the news about Tigmanshu Dhulia directed film “Milan Talkies“, which will be released in cinemas on March 15.

After doing cameo in ‘Three Idiots’, ‘Fukrey’, ‘Fukrey Return’, ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’, ‘Victoria and Abdul’, in many films and web series “Mirzapur” starring Actor Ali Fazal these days he talks about Tigmanshu Dhulia directed film “Milan Talkies” is in the discussion, which will reach theaters on March 15.

What will you say about the role of the movie “Milan Talkies“?

I have played the role of an emerging film director who lived in Allahabad in this film. Whose wish is to become a big film director in Bombay, going to Mumbai.

What is the experience of doing “Milan Talkies” in the direction of Tigmanshu Dhulia?

Got a lot of learning He is a genius. They have stories of stories. Their brain moves very fast. He does not believe in working in a system. He also used to read the script on the set and change his dialogue. He believes in working with Spenanti and he wants his art to be Spartius on the set too. He is a filmmaker, who is already difficult to predict. I have taught him a lot about this phenomenon.

Ali Fazal In Milan Talkies

Are you working on the digital platform as well as movies?

Yes! I want to work on every platform. For me, the content and the script matters. If the story encourages me to read the script, then I am happy to do it. In the changing round of cinema, the filmmaker is coming in the dilemma My every film is appreciated by the audience and film critics, but this is not changing the thinking of filmmakers. Despite the success of my films, I do not have the best characters and film offers as they should. But I am happy that I am getting opportunities to play a challenging role in the web series like ‘Mirzapur’. The web series is reaching globally to those audiences, as far as the movies are not reaching. From the kind of popularity, I am getting into the web series, the filmmakers are being forced to think about me.

The reason for your increased popularity is because of your international film “Victoria and Abdul” or the web series “Mirzapur”?

I think that quite a few web series ‘Mirzapur’ is a contribution. Because this image of Guddu has changed my image in this web series. Maybe I was a producer, so Ali did not take Fajal for Guddu’s character. So far, Ali Fazal meant that my image was very different. Ali Fazal is a decent, ordinary artist of the goa variety. Those who have seen the movie “Victoria and Abdul” have also seen Ali Fazal in a completely different form as Abdul’s character. “Victoria and Abdul” is a globally successful and well-known film in Europe and England, but in India, this film was not properly reached. So Indian audiences are not so familiar with ‘Victoria and Abdul’, the people who saw them liked this movie and my work. But people in Mirzapur saw a new look of my people. We are the artists’ act, play the role of every kind.

When you got an offer from the web series “Mirzapur”, what was the first thing in your mind?

The reality is that when Ritesh Sidhwani invited me for this series, I refused to do it by pretending to engage in movies. At that time, I was given the role of Villain Munna. In my understanding, Guddu’s character came in, but after some time I was contacted for Guddu’s character, so it was a new challenge for me, I accepted. I am happy today that this gave me a new identity. Ritesh Sidhwani believed in me.

Did you consider the risk of changing the image while playing Guddu in “Mirzapur”?

Ali in Mirzapur as Guddu

I did not think of profit loss, but I knew I was raising a risk. As an artist, I always want to raise the risk. The risk for me was that it is a web series and it went for four full five months. That is to shoot two consecutive films. Then playing the same type of character every day, it also starts boredom. At one point there is also exhaustion. Because we have the habit of movies. But after the completion of the entire web series shooting ended, the way the response got rejoiced. But in the meantime, it was felt that the pace of my career has slowed down.

If ‘Mirzapur’ was a feature film instead of a web series, then?

It depends on how large the movie reaches the audience. This web series was released simultaneously in seventy countries on November 16, 2018. I went to the two countries only, then the people there recognized me as ‘Gurgaon of Mirzapur’.

People in foreign countries have also seen ‘Mirzapur’ because they had already realized your talent by seeing ‘Victoria and Abdul’?

You are right. It can happen. ‘Victoria and Abdul’ is my biggest identity abroad. This movie is my real identity in England, USA, and Europe. But seeing ‘Mirzapur’, everyone felt that he saw a new side of Ali Fazal’s acting.

Ali Fazal In Victoria and Abdul

What kind of response did “Mirzapur” get in India?

Seeing the “Mirzapur”, the whole of north India has gone crazy. Good response from the south also got. But first I used to roam freely in Delhi and Lucknow. But now can not turn around. If one of your films is a huge hit, then the circumstances are there, in the same way, the circumstances have happened after ‘Mirzapur’. People have also seen ‘Mirzapur’ on their Android mobile phones or laptops etc. Now the crowd surrounds me everywhere. After doing two big films, I got this web series, which was delivered to me. It has been an interesting experience.

But can every scene of the web series “Mirzapur” be seen on mobile, be advised?

Not possible. Watch it at least on TV or on the big screen, then it will be more fun. From this point of view, I agree with you that if “Mirzapur” was made in the film and released at a large level in the theater, they would get a lot of response. But to make a film, some censor boards had to adhere to the rules, then the belt’s story, the belt’s atmosphere could not be falsely presented in the film. In the Mirzapur area, people abdicate living a common life. He does not give abuse to anyone, but rather in friendship and love. Can not show all this in the film.

Some films are going on Amazon and Netflix due to the web series?

Yes yes !! Some movies are now going on digital platforms as the original content. For the filmmakers who are unable to spend money on the release of marketing and film due to lack of budget, now the digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon or ‘G Fives’ have come as a new hope ray. I’m also going to do one of the two original content films for the digital platform.

Ali Fazal in Fukrey

This does not harm the producer of the film. But as an artist?

It is a little sad that we had worked hard for this film thinking that it would be released on the theater, but it went on the digital platform. But the reach of ‘G5’, ‘Amazon’ and ‘NetFilks’ is quite different. So we do not lose the audience, but the experience of the film release in the theater does not get it. Yes! Initially, the artist did not get the benefit from the release of the film on Digital.

What’s happening to your movie “Tadaka”?

Prakash Raj-directed film “Tadka” was about to be released in 2018, but perhaps this film is still stuck in legal battle.

After the international glory you got from “Victoria and Abdul”, are you doing another film internationally?

Got a lot of benefits. I am about to make two international films, whose shoots will start very soon. Of this, there is a biopic film in which I play the role of a citizen of another country. This story will be on the 2003 Iraq war. Can not give more information about these films right now Apart from this, I have also become a member of the Oscars Jury.

Ali Fazal In Victoria and Abdul

Tomorrow’s Oscar award is over. I was looking at this award because I voted for the first time because I was a jury member. I am very happy that for the first time this year, the Indian film also received awards. This award has been won by Guneet Monga for “Periods of Offence”. He also became a member this year. For the first time, getting an Oscar award for an Indian filmmaker is a huge achievement. I am very happy Because of what we are doing at the global level, good results are coming out. I am doing whatever I can do to lift Indian cinema globally on my own. Many other Indian artists are also trying to do the same with me.

Today the content of Indian cinema has become global and people are also seeing it. On the digital platform, Hollywood shows are also seen along with ‘Mirzapur’ in every country of the world.

In Oscars Jury, many celebrities of Indian Cinema were inducted in 2018. Reason for this change?

Diversification is now taking place in Oscars with changes coming in Indian cinema. Now Indian cinema is not small. Now Indian artists are increasing their dominance in international cinema, so it is also affecting. After coming to the academy, it was understood that the archiving of cinema is very important. There is no archive of our cinema. This feature is available only in the ‘Pune Film Institute’.

I and my friend David are taking a big step in this direction. He is from America’s Aly. We both have made our company and we are working to collect and print the prints of iconic films to protect them. It’s quite expensive. Because they can be secured only by keeping the print of the film at a particular temperature. So we are doing such work. Currently, we can not name the names of these films.

How do you plan to take this initiative to keep the print and safe of your friends David films going forward?

Do you know that when Satyajit Ray got the Annual Oscar Award? So the Oscar was not to show any film by Satyajit Ray. Then David Parker tried to keep the films of Ritwik Ghatak and Satyajit Ray safe. For the moment we have taken the initiative we are trying to raise funds.

In the Academy Award, the American Academy had always dominated the Oscars. Prize also got more than American films?

Ali in Victorria and Abdul

Changes have come. Our film “Victoria and Abdul” was from England, which was nominated last year in the costume and makeup category. I got the Russian Award for Best Actor for this film. Hollywood cinema is of the United States. Now, Hollywood cinema could not get Bollywood award in Bollywood. This was happening in some Oscars. But this time, ‘Netflix’ foreign movie ” Roma ” in Oscar not only got done in the foreign movie category but in general, category got nominated and fought hard in every field. This new thing happened. It means that now Oscar is beginning to recognize the cinema in the whole world.

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