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I am doing fewer films or not in Lime Light. My last film did not do well on Box-Office, yet the director believes in me and I am getting work.

Actress Parineeti Chopra who shares the screen with Akshay Kumar in the recently released film ‘Kesari‘ came from a Punjabi family. She wanted to make her career in Investment Banking and for this, she returned to India after getting a degree in Business, Finance and Economics from the Manchester Business School of London at the age of 17 and worked as a Public Relations Consultant at Yash Raj Films. Where she got an opportunity to do her first film and she has now become an actress.

She likes to do all kinds of movies. Transparent Parineeti is playing the role of an ordinary housewife in the film ‘Kesari‘, which she is very keen about. Introducing some excerpts

What is the reason for doing this movie?

I am Punjabi and when I heard the story of this film, I have goosebumps. This is a great example of the bravery of Saragarhi, which needs to be seen by everyone and it is a matter of pride for me to become part of such a story.

Parineeti Chopra

In this, you played the role of an ordinary wife, how many preparations have to be done?

The director has contributed a lot to this and I have seen many such houses where a simple wife lives, just follow her. I played the role of a shy girl in this. I have just shot it for 15 days. All the acting things were known only on the set. That’s not why it’s not difficult

Nowadays, you are not making so much movie, what is the reason for this?

There is nothing like I am doing fewer films or not in Lime Light. My last film did not do well on Box-Office, yet the director believes in me and I am getting work. We come to the media when the movie is complete. It takes years for a film to be created, in such a way, there is always some work related to some film.

How much have you changed now?

Already I have become quite mature now and I can choose the script wisely. Apart from this, I did not want to shop before. Now I do a lot of online shopping.

After doing this bravery’s film, how strong are your emotions towards brave soldiers in your heart?

I grew up in an Army Cant myself. My father still works for the Army. The way we associate with soldiers, most people do not. Listening to the National Anthem gives me great peace I want to do more brave movies in which my relationship is good.

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Do you want to do regional movies?

Actually, I am looking for Punjabi script and if I find it, I want to do a hundred percent. I like Punjabi culture very much and want to do it with heart. I want to film every language, no language can come in the way of my acting.

In the film industry, women’s films are becoming quite popular and it is being appreciated, how do you see it?

I am always engaged in giving equal status to women. Women’s major films are molded into a framework and in this way we are separating ourselves from the rest of the films which are not right. The film is a film and is trying to tell a story.

If we talk about a married actress, then there is a girl who has married and is working to live. No one has the right to see it in a different form. With this, we are let down by ourselves. Right now my journey is good and I am satisfied with it.

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