No Ball Controversy: Now there is no need for umpires in cricket

No Ball's controversy

No Ball’s controversy has taken a toll on the match between Royals Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians. Former England captain Kevin Pietersen has begun a new debate while making a comment on this. Pietersen believes that now there is no need for umpires in cricket.

Pietersen believes that the technique in this game has so far made it so that without the umpire it can be seen whether the batsman is out or not. Apart from this, Pietersen said that it should be seen as an experiment in a tournament.

Pietersen tweeted,
Cricket shouldn’t need umpires anymore! It only needs someone to:
1. control the game.
2. Keep speed of play up.’
He further wrote that ‘All modes of dismissals can be decided with technology now anyway! Maybe the 100 Ball comp in UK should think about this…????

KP Tweet on No Ball

Many Great players are angry

During this match, this mistake of the umpire is being condemned everywhere. On this, many veterans responded incorrectly, reacting to it. Virat and Rohit are also very angry about this.

Captains of both the teams have expressed anguish over this. Virat has even said that it is IPL and not a street cricket. The umpire should have kept the eyes open. While reacting to the matter, Rohit Sharma said that when he went out of the field, he was told that the last ball was no ball. Such decisions are not good for the game. With this, he counted one more mistake of the umpire in umrah over. At the same time, commentator Sanjay Manjrekar has described it as an inexplicable mistake.

SM Tweet on No Ball's controversy

What is the whole case?

Actually, this match between Mumbai Indians and Royale Challengers Bangalore reached the last ball for their decision. To win the last ball, RCB needed 7 runs. Malinga bowled his last ball to Shivam Dubey but did not make any runs on it and thus Mumbai won. But later it was found that the last ball was no ball. The umpire did not pay attention In this way Virat’s team lost the match to 6 runs.

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