I Am Not From The Rich Family: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Interview

Despite the simple stereo, Nawazuddin Siddiqui made a different identity in the films. Right now his film ‘Photograph’ is on release. He is quite excited about this. Introducing some excerpt.

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who started acting career with the Hindi film ‘Shool‘ and ‘Sarfarosh‘, is from a farmer family of Budhana town of Muzaffarpur district of Uttar Pradesh. The desire for acting was from his childhood. This was the reason that after completing graduation in science, he completed graduation from Delhi’s National School of Drama and started acting in the theater. In the beginning, he worked in many big and small films, but he did not succeed much. The real identity comes from films like Peepli Live, Kahaani, Gangs of Wasseypur, Lunchbox. Despite the simple stereotype, he made a different identity in the films. Right now his film ‘Photograph‘ is on release. They are quite curious about whom. Introducing some excerpts.

What was your challenge in this movie?

It was a challenge to keep yourself simple. Director Ritesh Batra asked me to look like a common photographer, which was not easy for me because the action starts acting as soon as the action speaks and the director has pressed it. There is a challenge in not acting. When we used to be casual, then the director used to shoot him.

What have you prepared for this character?

Many photographers were called from the Gate Way of India and I saw their work closely and found out how they worked all day, how tired till noon, etc. All of them have been tried in the film.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Photograph Movie

When did you make the first portfolio?

I came to Mumbai in 2000. At that time I did not have the money, so in 2003 I made the first portfolio.

How much faith do you have on the mismatched relationship shown in this movie?

Such relationships are very much and I believe in it. In the movies, only those events are shown, which are interesting and different. Which contains a drama. There is a stop in it, there is no drama.

How much was the pressure on your marriage and how to take your relationship to the family?

I did not have more pressure on the marriage. I told my relationship and they did yes.

Your movies are coming constantly, do not you have the fear of overexposure?

I have played 211 characters in the theater in my life. 200 plays, and in Real Life, I’ve noticed about 3 thousand people, because when I did not have the job. For the next hundred years, there is no problem for me because I have a lot of spice. I have spent time together with all kinds of people, I am not the son of a noble father, who is not aware of the surroundings.

You have done a lot of work in your village for farmers, how is it going?

I have reduced the going to the village for one and a half years. My farming brother is cultivating in a modern way, in which more crop can be grown in less water. For this, it is important for farmers to use more and more because the water that comes from the tube well here. Its level is decreasing. When I used to farm, I used to get water at 80 feet. Now water comes 400 feet. I want to increase awareness among farmers in this period. Now the work is being done in the vicinity of our village, there is a desire to work further.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Peepli Live

How much do you enjoy stardom?

I am still working, stardom has no time to enjoin.

Do you think there is no album of photographs yet, which can be reminiscent of old things?

It is true that now the memories are quickly blurred, because mobile and its photos do not last longer, but the time is such and people are liking it. Must be a photo album, which you can remember later.

Is there a desire to do movies in other languages?

I like to do a good story of any language.

What changes do you get in your personality now?

My personality was never something special. I had thought that I will continue to do the work I get. I had no dream, I had no beginning, but now I am happy.

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