Bollywood Movie Kesari Review

Kesari: A living depiction of the chapter of history

In the role of Ishwar Singh, Akshay Kumar has given a great performance. Whether it is the battle scenes or the humankind, they have been successful in carving every emotion better on screen.

Movie Review: Kesari

Director: Anurag Singh

Artists: Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra, Edward Sonnibal, Mir Sarwa Akshay

Ratings: Four stars

To save the fort of Saragarhi on September 12, 1897, 21 Sikh soldiers led by Havildar Ishwar Singh fought with ten thousand Afghan soldiers. The film that tells the story of that heroism is “Kesari“. This fight fought for self-esteem and pride, left a mark that even after this, the war is remembered. In Britain every year on September 12, ‘Saragari’ is celebrated every year.

Kesari Movie review

What is the story

The story of the movie “Kesari” starts with the Havildar Ishwar Singh (Akshay Kumar) posted on the Gulistan fort, who, in violation of the order of his British Major, saved an Afghan woman in the hands of Afghan mastermind Masood Khan. Then the English Major, Ishwar Singh, was sent out as a punishment from Gulistan Fort and sent to Saragarhi Fort, where there is no attack at all. During this time, the Englishman says to Ishwar Singh: “You are a Hindustani coward, that is why we are slaves.” On reaching Saragarhi, Lord Singh finds that there is a lack of discipline in the soldiers presents there. First of all, Lord Singh, the 21 soldiers have to read the lessons of discipline. After this, he fills his heart with bravery. When Ishwar Singh is alone, he talks to his wife Biography Kaur (Parineeti Chopra) in the thoughts. Other soldiers also remember the people associated with their family.

On the other hand, Afghan sage Masood Khan is angry with the fact that when he was punishing a married woman, then his work was interrupted by God Singh. Therefore, he now plans to capture all the fortresses of Saragarhi, Gulistan, and Court with an alliance with Afghani Pathans and first attacks the fort on Saragarhi. The British government can not send troops to Saragarhi, so he tells the 21 Sikh soldiers to flee from there, but Ishwar Singh remembers the English Major, and instead of fighting for the job, money and British rule, his pride Decides to be a martyr. With this decision, all 21 soldiers stand standing. The Afghan donor is expected to occupy Gulistan and the other fortress by the evening in the middle of half an hour after taking the death of 21 Sikh soldiers and occupying Saragarhi. But Ishwar Singh and other soldiers, taking huge iron from Afghan soldiers, do not let them enter the fort of Saragarhi till 6 p.m. Fafan Pathan says that he has lost the bet.

Directions and Story.

Filmmaker Anurag Singh, popularly known in Punjabi films, had directed a Hindi film called ‘Rakib‘ in 2007, after that he got engaged in Punjabi films and in Punjabi, ‘Yaar Anmulle ‘, ‘Jatt and Juliet‘, ‘Jatt and Juliet 2‘ He gave hits like ‘Disco Singh’, ‘Punjab 1984’ and ‘Super Singh‘. Now she has turned to “Bollywood” again with “Kesari”. As an exclamation “Kesari” will be his best film. But due to the Kamazar script, the movie has become inexplicably long. As an author and director, Anurag Singh put the interval in place only to establish the characters. Not only this, till the interval, the film goes on very slow, and till the interval, it seems that Anurag Singh has lost his hold on this film. The first part of the interval needed to be tightened on the editing table. There was also a need to do a lot of work at the level of the screenplay. But after the interval, Anurag Singh managed to handle the film.

Akshay In Kesari

Akshay Kumar is also associated with the production of ‘Kesari’, in spite of this, writer and director Anurag Singh did complete justice with all 21 characters of the film after the interval, the film is not limited to only Ishwar Singh. Anurag Singh congratulates this for Are eligible for

Great Climax.

Anurag Singh has compared the 19-year-old Afghani fighting for jihad and the character of 19-year-old Singh who is fighting for his pride, he is said to be a lot. Yes! There is a scene in the movie where Ishwar Singh gives Afghani children, instead of sacrificing death, but after some time, the same Afghani child gives a sword in the belly of Ishwar Singh. While the Sikh soldier fires a fire in the Afghan fort for listening to the shouts of Gurmukh Singh, he laughs despite the fact that he is wrapped in the fire instead of crying or shouting, killing many Afghans. For this reason, the film’s climax leaves a deep impression.

The scenes of war have become much better. Seeing these scenes, the lovers of the audience are standing. The director has redefined Akshay Kumar’s action image. But the severity of violence is considerable. Cameraman Anshul Choubey has played an important role in establishing the period of 1897.

Actors’ acting

As far as acting is concerned, Akshay Kumar has given a great performance in the role of Ishwar Singh. Whether it is the battle scenes or the humankind, they have been successful in carving every emotion better on screen. Parineeti Chopra remains a prominent figure in her role in a small role.

Aruna Bhatia and Sunir Sectorpal, together with the ‘Dharma Productions’ of Karan Johar, were created for the production of ‘Kesari’, a two-hour thirty-minute period. If you are a fan of Akshay Kumar and like to watch patriotic films, then definitely watch this movie.


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