Human side has been engraved in the web series ‘Delhi crime’: Rasika Duggal

Rasika Duggal in Netflix Delhi Crime

While doing films off the leak, Rasika Duggal has embraced his acting role in every medium. She is also doing feature films as well as short films and web series. Last year, he had done tremendous fame by playing the character of wife Saafia, wife of Sadat Hassan Manto, the biopic film “Manto“. After that, she appeared in a very different role in the web series ‘Mirzapur‘. So now in the recently released film “Hamid” she appeared in the role of a Kashmiri woman, who is looking for her missing husband. Whereas, from March 22, she will be seen in the police officer in the “Delhi crime” web series, which will be broadcast on ‘Netflix‘.

How did you grow as an artist while learning the Kashmiri language for ‘Manto’ and Urdu for ‘Hamid’?

Capturing or learning the essence of a language also influences our body language. It also affects many other gestures related to the character. You get the idea of the second gesture of your own character, which changes the whole view. It is always said that if you want to learn the language of an area, then listen to music there first. When you are familiar with the music of an area, you become aware of that area to a large extent. The way you talk about it also has an impact.

Rasika Dugal in Hamid

Anyway, I have always had a passion to learn a new language. Even at the time of graduation, I had applied to learn the German language in JNU. But later I gave importance to graduation only.

Why did you want to learn a foreign language?

To be honest, I have more interest in learning less Indian languages in foreign languages. When I was in Brazil for a year, I had learned the language of those days. I also enjoy learning to write a different language. I learned to read, speak and write Urdu during ‘Manto‘. For ‘Hamid‘, I did not learn the Kashmiri language but caught Assent. When I went to Kashmir, I found that all the people of Kashmir speak like one. But when he speaks Hindi, every member of the same house speaks Hindi differently.

In Kashmir, we spent ten days with a family. He had three daughters, the three daughters were speaking Hindi differently. I had recorded the voice of all three and told my director that who do I have to hold on my accent and tell him for the role of Ishrat in the film. So I had started to understand it for three to four days, whose accent is to be caught. It came in that when people advertise a language other than their mother tongue, they are able to decrypt in different ways.

After ten days in a Kashmiri family, what did you understand the people there?

Look, the entire Kashmir is not the same. The condition of the entire Kashmir is not the same. Conditions are different in different areas of Kashmir. There is tension in some areas, so there is no place. Where we were shooting, it comes on the path of Gulmarg. Which is a fully fledged tourist area. People from all over the world depend on tourists. So the people there want their image to go to the outer world. They told us that the situation in Kashmir is good. If news of stone pelting was coming from a village, he would have said, ‘Look, it will never happen in our village. If this ever happens, then we will not allow such stone makers to stand here. One of the two bad people are spoiling the name of the entire Kashmiri, so people are always alert that they do not have an impact on their anonymity. Their efforts continue to be that the tourists continue to visit the tourists who come in their business.

Rasika Duggal In Manto

We continued to talk to all the members of the family about all kinds of talk. The fresh book, Instagram. The girls of the family pulled pictures with me, but the girls requested us that we did not put those pictures on Instagram. So it was understood that there are still many restrictions on girls there. Otherwise, urban girls and there is no difference between them. The head of the family i.e. the girls’ father writes poems in Urdu. I used to read his poems. His son was not ready to read. She was unemployed. She did not see Meraree films. When I met, after that she saw my films on the internet or video.

What would you say about a web series “Delhi crime”?

Directed by Richey Mehta, this web series will be broadcast on “Netflix” from March 22. Its story is based on the investigation of 2012 gangrape of the Nirbhaya murder case. The entire series is being reported from the police perspective, but the opinion of the common people has also been included in this case. From what happened in the investigation, from what the police did, the life of women police officers involved in the investigation of this case is also illustrated. It mentions how all the female police officers are negotiating patriotism in their own lives.

What is the situation that happens during the investigation of any crime, what effect does it have on the police, is there any depiction in this?

There is an illustration in this about how many police stations in our country are living in the borders. Most of the Delhi Police officers are busy in VIP security. There is a scene in it that Rajesh Telang, who became a police officer, is doing some work, if electricity goes away then he asks his station head, then it is known that the bill was cut due to not being filled and then how Rajesh Telang bill Will be able to turn on electricity in the hope of coming soon. How do police officers work with others by favoring them? The police work under the law, but sometimes it takes time to get justice through the law, then they continue to follow other routes. In the ‘Nirbhayaa Kand‘ there was no need for two or six people to catch, as much delay, so many people would run away.

Nirbhayaa Kand in Delhi Crime

At that time, the DCP worked day and night and after doing paperwork, how did he get all by junking it, it is all in it. DCP Vrinda Chaturvedi’s character Shefali Shah played the series. So this series is quite interesting, what is happening in our country. At first, I thought that who cares about the law system here, but while doing research work for this series and then shooting, I also had the opportunity to know the human side of these police officers.

The purpose of Delhi Criminalization is to make people aware of the investigation process of ‘Nirbhayaa Kand or have some other motive?

The whole story talks about what happened at Nirbhayaa Kand, with great warmth. It also tells how it happened in the investigation. Along with this, this series also stars in the lives of policemen.

Ritchie said that during research, when she met the police officers, she asked everyone that what was she doing in the morning in the morning on that scandal? Which he kept in the series. My character is a trainee, the father of the policy wants him to marry, he is meeting with a boy in the morning to Arrange Marriage. Rajesh Telang is meeting anyone for the marriage of his daughter. DCP Vrinda Chaturvedi has her teenager daughter, who wants to leave India and go abroad, she feels that women here are not safe, Verma explains to them that India is the safest country and if news of gang-rape comes in the night, then now Verma Recently, the law has to be restored. Then there is a debate even within the Vargica’s house.

Are you doing a lot of web series too?

Yes, I have to play an interesting role. When the opportunity to do good work is getting in the web series, I do not refuse. My thinking is that my work should reach the audience then media can be anything. Now the second season of the web series humorously yours is also going to come. ‘Mirzapur‘ has arrived, its second season shoot is about to begin.

Rasika Duggal In Mirzapur

What are the upcoming films?

I am doing a film directed by Karan Gaur. With Karan Gaur, I had the first film of my career ‘Kshya‘. We are good friends and while working we have ‘Grow‘ together. One film is with Sanjay Mishra and Akshay Oberoi, whose name is – “Hash Tag Gadavi“. Gadavi is the main character’s name. There is also black humor along with a drama. In this, my character is with Sanjay Mishra. I have made a movie, which is a bit of commercial and comedy. But the name of the film and the name of the director cannot be told for some reasons.

So now you are doing professional films too?

I am not avoided by doing Mumbai masala or commercial films until I get an opportunity to do great work. I want to play those characters, which are an integral part of the story, not the ornamental jewel. I have been receiving offers from many commercial films before, which I did not find interesting and I did not. By the way, now even commercial films are good And interesting characters are being written. With the changes made in the cinema, there has also been a lot of change in the stories.

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