Director of Daughters of Mother India: Vibha Bakshi

Vibha Bakshi

Long-term, clean color, waving hair, confidence in the face and the desire to do something in mind are this is the 48-year-old national filmmaker Vibha Bakshi. In 2015, she has got the National Film Award for Best Documentary on Social Issues for her Documentary film ‘Daughters of Mother India‘. This film was dubbed in 11 languages. Now she has brought his new movie ‘Son Rise‘.

In a state like Haryana, where discrimination with women and the dominance of Khaap Panchayats is very common, Vibha Bakshi has made the theme of his film to the extraordinary fight made by men on Gender Equality.

How was the idea of making a film on this subject?

My debut film, ‘Daughters of Mother India‘, was a film based on Rape and Gender Violence. This film is very successful. People took it as a movement. Only then did I realize that this issue should be taken even further.

Why did you choose the background of Haryana for the film?

We chose the background of Haryana because this area is the most disturbing in India. There are so many embryo killings that girls have become deficient. Most gang rapes are also here. I wanted to show that if so many heroes can emerge from Haryana then how many such heroes will be present in the entire country.

Daughters Of Mother India


There are real characters in this movie. The first is a farmer who has arranged an orange wedding with a gang rap Victim. Secondly, a Sarpanch, who has 2 girls, wants to change the thinking of society for not only his daughters but also for every daughter. The third character is Haryana’s largest Khaap leader.

What problems did you face as a female filmmaker?

I took a very sensitive topic and for this, I went to 25 villages of Haryana where people talked with. There were many problems too. It was difficult for women to be there and to take people into confidence. Initially, I was scared too, but when I started living there people got lots of support. The people of Haryana wanted that the film is made and succeeded in its objective. Local people will do my best possible help. They say things like where to go, talk to whom. Immediately warn me when there is a danger. I stayed in their homes, eat with them. Wins the confidence of the people. That’s why I could make my movie better

What will be your next project?

For just 1 year, my complete focus will be on ‘Son Rise’. The first screening response was great. We would like to try to get this movie together with the UN everywhere.

Son Rise

Tell about yourself and your family?

My father is a ship owner and mother is a writer. I have a younger sister who is in Dubai and the elder brother is in the family business. I went to the US for further study after completed 12th in India, where I graduated from Boston University with film and journalism. I came to India and do love marriage with Vishal Bhakshi. Vishal’s mother liked me too. After 13 years of marriage, we lived in America. My in-laws are diplomats. I have always been getting full support from the family. I have two sons, who are 9 and 13 years old.

What is the necessity of bringing gender equality to society in your mind?

The first lesson of gender equality is that the boys read from home only. Never make a difference between your son and daughter in your home. Respect the entire wife, mother, and sisters of the house. My husband is the role model of his two sons. Children learn by seeing their father and how they are respected. In the homes where the boys see that their mother is Strong and Independent, the father walks with the mother, so in this case, the child’s attitude is different and the impression of this keeps on surviving.

What would you say in terms of ‘Glass Ceiling’?

For hundreds of years, women are facing a ‘Glass Ceiling’. It will not change immediately, but we have started talking in this context, there is a little scare in the hearts of people, it is very much. ‘Glass Ceiling’ is not only in India but in advanced countries like Europe and America, the packaging is a little different. It is important that we talk about this. People should realize that what is glass sealing. Only then will we be able to break it.

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