Congress Means Gandhi Family

There is no doubt that this time, due to Priyanka coming into active politics, the Congress seems to be tingling in the electoral field with full strength.

The election chess has landed in the country. This time the Lok Sabha election is openly visible around the BJP and the Congress. Congress President Rahul Gandhi, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is flushing down on the last five years of work, Narendra Modi is shocked by the entry of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra into active politics

Congress Means Gandhi-family

There is no doubt that this time, due to Priyanka coming into active politics, the Congress seems to be tingling in the electoral field with full strength. The enthusiasm of the Congressmen is on the sky and this is the reason why the Congress is claiming to contest and win elections on its own without tied in any coalition. Even though Narendra Modi has not given any comment directly to Priyanka, he has surely accused the Congress of a dynasty. The same old worn out allegations. Congress means Gandhi family the allegation of a dynasty has been on the Congress for a long time but it has no effect on the Congress.

Now it is a matter of criticism or praise, but the truth is that today the ‘Congress means Gandhi-family‘, exactly on the lines of ‘cold means Coca-Cola‘. Today, without this family the Congress cannot be imagined. When this family was separated from Congress, Congress became weak and there was scattered in the workers. Considering this, the Opposition raises the dynasty’s propaganda that it may have some effect and boil the blood of the old Congress leaders and the bitter opposition of the opposition within the party against the Gandhi family, but the opposition’s bets are always empty because Congress and Gandhi have become two sides of a coin.

Although there was a time when Congress and Gandhi were different. Indira Gandhi is credited with uniting Congress and Gandhi family. That was the time after the death of the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. By the time Nehru was alive, he had a small rule on the government. Congress had the same situation in front of them, which is ahead of Modi today. But Nehru kept his daughter Indira always active from politics. This was the reason that after his death, there was a zero in India’s politics. Then started the search for Nehru’s successor.

The emergence of Indira Gandhi

At that time Indira Gandhi was not at any count. Then of Kamaraj used to be Congress President. He was from Tamil Nadu and was considered an influential leader of the lower caste of South India. But Indira’s name was not far in her mind. The two strong contenders of Prime Minister’s post after Nehru were: Morarji Desai and Lal Bahadur Shastri. Morarji Desai did not like most Congressmen because he was a very stubborn and impulsive person, whereas against him Lal Bahadur was quiet and mild. Then Congress leaders unanimously chose Lal Bahadur Shastri as Prime Minister, just like Sonia Gandhi had chosen Manmohan Singh. But Shastriji did not become Manmohan Singh. Talk to this story sometime ahead of Indira, how her entry took place in Congress and how in the coming years Congress and Gandhi family became synonymous with each other.

Indira Gandhi First Women PM of India

Indeed, Lal Bahadur Shastri was the first person to place Indira Gandhi in his cabinet. Shastri understood the speed of Indira and knew that being outside would prove to be more dangerous, so by joining her cabinet, she made Indira the minister of low importance information and broadcasting ministry. But Indira did not take this post. They were engaged in uniting their supporters within.

At the same time, Shastri wanted to shift to the Prime Minister’s house at Teen Murti Bhavan, where Jawaharlal Nehru used to be a Prime Minister, but Indira ignored it. They wanted Teen Murti Bhavan to be permanently declared the memorial of Nehru’s name and finally, they won. Teen Murti Bhavan, Nehru, and his descendants became the names. After that Indira’s real princess started walking with three idols and this tradition is still intact.

Indira Gandhi was raising her strength inside the party and Lal Bahadur Shastri was falling alone. Then Shastri opened the PMO for the first time, in which the team of honest, confident and capable officers kept the country for running. The PMO’s work was to advise the Prime Minister on the delicate and policy issues. Shastri’s new PM, who has this PMO, made the moves of Congress leaders running on the behest of Indira.

Congress Lady Indira Became PM

After the death of Shastri, the search for succession began in Congress. This time, Morarji Desai wanted to become the Prime Minister at any cost. But by then Indira Gandhi had become quite experienced. Congress President’s Kamaraj had taken the name of Indira for the post of Prime Minister, the election between Morarji Desai and Indira Gandhi came to an end and finally, the Congress Parliamentary Party MPs chose Indira, and Indira became the Prime Minister of the country for the first time. By then, Indira had passed 49 years of age. Indira took a long time to reach her destiny, but her granddaughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had started politics in the age of 27 years, though she continued to live behind the curtains. She is now active in politics, at the age of 47.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

If the Nehru-Gandhi family extends the deadline for the post of Congress President and Prime Minister, in 53 years of 70 years of independence, this family is occupying one position or both posts simultaneously. Nehru and Indira in the 1960s, then Indira-Sanjay in the 1970s and Indira-Rajiv in the 1980s. Although there was some time for the outsiders when they were decorated on these posts but they could not get the strength of the party and the workers as much as the Gandhi family members meet.

Congress is Nothing without Gandhi Family

For the first time since the Gandhi family, someone introduced the Congress, then he was PV Narasimha Rao. Rao ran the Congress Party and its government till 1996. The Gandhi family’s faithful, Sitaram Kesari, was not able to tie up with the party, and in 1998, after the Congress split, looking at the party’s crisp condition Sonia Gandhi did not want to come forward to help the Congress. Had it Sonia Gandhi assumed the command of the Congress because without her family the party was sunk and without the party, the superiority and relevance of her family were in danger.

Indeed, Congress workers do not imagine Congress without the Gandhi family. This is the reason why when a person outside the Gandhi family wanted to run the party, failed. Manmohan Singh was clearly Sonia’s puppet, so for ten years, she remained in the prime minister’s post. Sonia’s decisions are being written down by Manmohan Singh’s pen, there is no end to it, if they do not do it, then Narasimha Rao and Sitaram Kesari will be rejected. It is a matter of fact that all the party’s very good leaders think that only the Gandhi family can keep the party and the workers together. This is why no claiming party emerges for the top post. So if the whole party lives with solidarity under the leadership of a family, what’s wrong in it?

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