Akshay Kumar in Airlift

In Bollywood, Akshay Kumar is the only artist who has been doing films based on topics and true events, along with commercial films, continuously, from the leak. Whether it is ‘Airlift’ or ‘Rustom‘ or ‘twilight a love story’ or ‘Padman‘ Now he is coming up with the true story that is, “Kesari” on the “Battle of Saragari“. Anurag Singh is reaching theaters on March 21 on the direction of the directed film “Kesari” Holi.


Do you consider the movie “Kesari” based on the war of Saragarhi as a war film?

In reality, this film is based on “war”. But this is very emotional. This film is about the story of 21 Sikh soldiers. Those who knew that their death was certain. At that time, he had the chance to escape from there, but instead of escaping, instead of fleeing, he opted for his motherland to fight for the enemy and devote his life. He knew that it is not possible to fight for those 21 soldiers with ten thousand Afghan soldiers, but they fought against their side to stop the Afghan soldiers from entering the fort.
The Afghan soldiers were thinking that before the new consignments of the soldiers came, we would finish the 21 soldiers within half an hour. But under the leadership of Ishar Singh, these 21 soldiers had decided that we would not allow them to enter in any way. He battled from nine o’clock till 6 o’clock in the evening. When he entered inside, the second group of soldiers came and Afghan soldiers had to flee from there. My thinking says that this is the story of a soldier’s mindset and mental thinking. We understand the point of war but what is going on in the mind of a soldier, we do not know about it. Our film ‘Kesari‘ also takes the audience on the journey that the soldiers had kept in mind in their minds.

Film director Anurag Singh did a lot of research on this matter. I would like you to write in a big way that I make sure that every parent shows this film to their children. Because this is your own history. Is part of your own history. Every child should know the children of the future of the country how 21 young men fought. It is a matter of grief that this war of ‘Saragarhi war‘ is not mentioned in our book of history. In our history so far the students have not been taught this. Today, we got acquainted that I will bring this story to the people through the film, which I have done with full sincerity.

You probably do not know, but when I made the movie “Airlift“, nobody knew about this story at that time. Until then a piece of news was printed. But today, about a million articles have been filled up for ‘Airlift‘. Now gradually there have been many articles on ‘Saragarhi‘ too. I want to publish as many articles as possible on the war of Saragarhi. The story of these 21 soldiers has always been immortalized in the pages of history.

So do you believe that a soldier wins any war, not just by the weapon, but because of his mindset, that is, his mindset?

Yes! You have caught the bitter truth. I believe that if a soldier decides in his mind, then it is very difficult to beat him.

You do films based on true developments like Airlift, Rustam or Kesari. Then how much pressure there is on you When other people do similar movies, then they have been facing many types of allegations?

See, we try as honest as we can and make truth the part of our film. Now as you take the film “Kesari“. So the director and writer of this film, Anurag Singh, made a lot of research and wrote the script. I give all the credit for this movie. Look, I do four movies every year, Naturally, I can not pay much attention to every movie. Therefore, for all my films, all the research directors or writers are. But we work only responsibly. We never try to hurt anyone’s filling. Anyway, any filmmaker or artist does not hurt anyone’s fingerling, but sometimes it happens unknowingly. If he apologizes then he should forgive and move ahead. It is not that we keep dragging him. Before the creation of ‘Kesari’ many books were studied enough.

Akshay in Padman


The story is of ‘Battle of Saragarhi’, then what is the reason behind the film named ‘Kesari’?

Kesari’s color is a symbol of bravery, of bravery, of valor. This is a color of war. That’s why a better name is not known.

What would you say about the action scene of the film ‘Kesari’?

The action of this film is very different. We have used the Sikh, martial arts form of the warlords – Gatka ‘, used it, for which we had to take a trying. The battle of that time was fought with gatka. The capture of the chieftains was musical. He used to roam around and attack his enemy. His sword was from twenty to two kilos. His turban was only about a kilo weight.

There is a special thing in your career that the subject you join with is made up soon, while others continue to plan only. Three other filmmakers have been making films for the last four years, but they have not been able to make it till now. You came with ‘Kesari’. Similarly, on the space, two films have been made for four years but they have not been able to. You have completed the shooting of the space movie ‘Mangal Yan’?

Maybe I’m lucky why other movies stop there, I do not know. I consider myself lucky that I get good people and we complete the film within three months.

Last year, two important films, “Toilet Ek Prem Katha” and “Padman” came in. Both films have movies related to the safety of women and their self-esteem. After the performance of these films, there is a special response that has touched your heart.

I would like to tell an anecdote, which had happened to one of my friends staying in Punjab. One night at one and a half, my friend’s daughter told her mother that my periods have started. And I forgot to bring the sanitary pad How did the sanitary pad come at 1:30? Because the 24-hour drug store was 18 kilometers away from her house. When my friend listened to his daughter, he immediately left the house and brought his daughter sanitary pad. A father brought his daughter to the sanitary pad. He told me that he got this inspiration because of my film “Padman“.
My friend told me- Akshay is that day and today is the day, my daughter does everything in my mind with me. My daughter loves me a lot. This is the effect of the movie. I am very happy that now there is no taboo in this big city. Now people are talking openly on this. This change is the power of cinema, not mine or yours. The change comes only from the cinema.

Why are we so scared of Hollywood? All are scared of the Hollywood films “Avenger”?

The budget for his films is very big. Such films are not being made in India, so there will be fear. They eat a lot of business. We do not have to make films on that level. If we get a budget like them, then we scare them. The budget in which his films are made In one percent of its budget, we make the profit by making films. We should look straightforward. I believe that the emotions in their movies are low and our movies have plenty of emotions.

Chandni Chowk, the news of contesting from Delhi has also been reported?

This is not true. If this happens I would tell myself.

But you are very close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

No. My closeness is from good work.

Are you doing the historical movie ‘Prithviraj Chauhan’?

Yes, I am doing this film under the guidance of Chandra Prakash Dwivedi. At the end of this year, we will start shooting it. Talked to the director. He keeps very good information.

How much is your interest in history?

It is fun to hear the stories of history, Ramayana, Mahabharata. It is very fun to hear the story of a knight.

Upcoming movies?

Mangalyaan‘, ‘Suryavanshi‘ comedy film ‘Housefull 4‘, ‘Prithviraj Chauhan‘ and doing a horror movie

Are you doing ‘Hera-Pheri 3’ too?

No, I am not doing Hera Pheri 3.


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