A Film On Teen Talaq: Code Blue

Code Blue

Code Blue, a film on Teen talaq. Aleena Khan says that there is no point in talking about change. We ourselves have to change that which we want.

Teen talaq is such a sensitive topic, which has been negotiating for years, but no result of it has been found to be present today. Muslim women have been suffering from this for years. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Aleena Khan, who is a doctor and is an intensive care specialist. During the work, she listened to the stories of many such women, and in his desire to do some work in this direction, he under the banner of the film ‘Code Blue‘ under the banner of Rahat Kazmi Films. Which was shown at the Berlin Film Festival?

What is the inspiration for the movie?

When asked about the reason for making this film, Aleena says that I am a doctor and the girl whose story is in the film is very close to me and I have seen her difficulties closely. This led to inspiration inside me and I made the film. All the stories shown in it are real and I want to bring it to the audience.

Code Blue

Aleena further says that our Muslim community is a man-oriented person; in this case, no one wants to listen to women, but I grew up in an educated family where I have the right to speak and they fully support it. , But there was little concern about my safety. Apart from this, I kept my career postponed for one year to do the film. My film is based on three words that ruin the lives of millions of women in three seconds. Three Divorce is a disputed practice through which a Muslim man has the right to say that he can leave his wife forever by speaking ‘Divorce’. She can not only divorce her orally, but she can also do it in written and electronic form. The film has tried to show its adverse effects. In this, I have talked with several women. This is not a documentary but a common film, which everyone should watch.

In fact, for Muslim men, teen talaq is an easy way to get rid of their wife, for this they do not need any concrete reason. For this, the tradition of marriage has to be met, in which if a divorced Muslim woman is to be reunited with her first husband, then such a woman has to get married first. The Bharat Muslim Mahila Aandolan (BMMA) raised a strong voice against the practice, but its exact conclusions have not yet been exposed.

Teen Talaq Victim

Aleena further says that I used to go to trauma several times after listening to such women. I remember once I met a pregnant woman, whose husband had divorced him for no reason, while a Muslim husband did not have the right to divorce his pregnant wife, but by doing so, he kept roaming freely. In it, he had the help of religious teachers too. In our patriarchal society, it is not easy for a divorced woman to live with self-esteem, which is worse if she is not a victim of an Instant Divorce, and if she has no means of earning, then her condition is worse. My effort is to empower such women.

Not easy for me to make this film

It was not easy for Aleena to make this film. Many times people threatened him so that he did not make this film. Someone even threatened to kill them. Alina says that I am a doctor and I have seen death as close as possible. So I’m not afraid. Apart from this, I am a Muslim and no one in the Muslim community wants a woman to talk about this subject. Wherever I live, all the people are Muslims.

A lot of people said that in your hospital, some beds should be kept for the injured so that they can be treated if the film is opposed. Someone indirectly forbids someone, but it is my responsibility because I am educated and in three seconds talk about the person who ends the life of someone. Most such oppressed women are uneducated and depend on husbands for two-time roti, which is used by men to humiliate them. No matter how wrong the person is, the fault is always given to the woman. The punishment is given to the girl and her family only.


Aleena Khan's Code Blue

Aleena further says that there is no mention of the divorce or the practice of the Instant Divorce at one time in the Quran, whatever things are said in this context is wrong. Today’s Muslim women want legal protection for themselves. Despite being illegal, the practice of immediate divorce is still going on. It needs to be included in the category of crime. In one survey it has also been found that 90 percent of Indian Muslim women are against the arbitrary decision to give unilateral divorce.

While teen talaq does not have recognition in other Islamic countries. Apart from this, people who are against banning triple divorce. They will say this until they have not been treated with their daughter or sister because they do not know the problem. Further, Aleena wishes to make a film on many subjects, which she has experienced during her professional career. They say that there is no point in talking about change. We ourselves have to change that which we want.

Aleena wants to tell women through the Home Smriti Magazine that every woman should know her rights so that no one can torture us. Therefore it is important to be competent and education is necessary for it. With this he can live with self-esteem, no one can harassment his.

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